INSANE Interviews with MAGA Supporters

This whole playbook has been run before. If you follow the conspiracy rabbit hole down far enough, you’ll find it is rooted all the way back to the First Crusades. On the surface it looks like simple racism or misogyny. But it is just rebranded anti-semitism.

Full Article: INSANE Interviews with MAGA Supporters

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Arrest warrant issued for former Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones

It sickens me to see Desantis going after this data scientist for trying to prevent him from tweaking Covid data for his purposes. Desantis needs to go down with the President he allied himself to.

Full Article: Arrest warrant issued for former Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones

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Turns out Parler didn’t end up moving to China’s Alibaba Cloud. Instead they are moving to Epik, a small WA hosting company that also hosts sites no one else will touch. And Epik uses Russian-based DDOS-Guard. So instead of the Chinese, guess whose favorite Russian spy agency will have easy access to all Parler data?

Posted by: Johnny Diggz
at: 2021-01-18T21:58:07.000Z

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