The #burningman 2018 Retrospective: 7 years of Burning. (Part 1)

This was my 7th burn, in a row. A few firsts, a few thirds, a few 7ths…. a few things good and some bad.

Burning man is expensive. Even if you do it cheap…its an expensive art festival in a very inhospitable climate, with lots of hoops to jump through and red tape and you better have your head checked before you decide to go, because it can drain your soul and wallet and any reasonable friend will tell you to not go.

My first year I documented my burn. It was 2012…I took still shots on my Canon 7D and pieced them together, sequentially with a Philip Glass soundtrack “Crazy Life”.

That was my first year, I was part of a camp called “Papa Legba” and we were a bunch of communication tech geeks who were trying to understand how people communicate with limited technology.  Cell phone and wifi/data is fairly nonexistent in the middle of nowhere when 70,000 people arrive for a week. Does civilization collapse?

The answer is no.

I later did talks at hacker conferences including this subject… HOPE X (Hackers on Planet Earth) was one in NYC.

That was year 1. More about year 2 next time 🙂

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